Being Appreciative

I am still being inspired by the book I just finished, so I have decided to try something new on here- we shall see if it sticks (or the more likely scenario, if I remember to do this!). This is more for my benefit, for down-the-line when I can see what I wrote on here, how I felt about things, and what not. I would do this in my journal but I'm really horrible at remembering to write in it- not even being pregnant makes me write in mine more! One more thing to improve upon.
Anyhow, I would like to start posting things about Brad. A lot of this blog is just about me, which for some reason bugs me sometimes. Weird, I know. And this still will have to do with me because what I would like to start posting are things Brad does for me or things he just does in general that I admire. He really is a great guy and I really appreciate him more than anyone will ever know, so to help me remember the things I appreciate, I shall put it on here so I can look back and say, "That was really wonderful of him. I got the best guy in the world." Not like I need reminding, but it's nice to have memories down.
There are only two grocery stores in Rexburg and I prefer not to shop at either of them, unless so needed. Not because they are gross or anything, I just have a really hard time swallowing their prices compared to places in Idaho Falls that I know are way cheaper, even considering gas prices. But, being smart at times, I coordinate my major grocery shopping with errands needed to be ran in Idaho Falls anyhow- so it all works out. I like to have Brad with me whenever possible, for several reasons. 1- He takes care of the cart. I'm kind of a germaphobe and hate touching grocery carts. 2- I love talking to him and he helps me control my impulsive hand to buy more than needed. 3- When we come home he only lets me take one bag of groceries up the stairs. I have tried many a times to help out more, but he is insistant that he does it. 4- He does the math for me for which things are a better deal.
At the beginning of July, I had a lot of things to do in Idaho Falls so of course I went grocery shopping and got lots of food- without Brad. I went during his school time, which was my only available time. When I was done I called Brad to let him know I was coming home so I would actually be there when he got home from campus a few hours later. I was really tired when I got home and dreaded the taking of the groceries up the stairs by myself. I hadn't eaten and was starving, I had done way more than I should've, and was HOT. I brought up a few groceries just to get started, as well as my fast food kid's meal I had to get because I was so hungry, got inside, took a deep breathe, and headed down for one of my many trips up with groceries. I got down to my trunk, got some bags out, turned around and heard, "Who is this?". I looked up and lo and behold... it was Brad!!!!!!! He came home just to help me with the groceries, knowing how tired I was. He forced me upstairs to eat and he did all the heavy lifting for me. Being the bad wife that I am, I then convinced him to skip his next class to spend time with me. Didn't take too much work for that one.
This may be silly to others, but that day this act meant the world to me- he definitely got husband-brownie points for doing that! Brad has really stepped up and has become more thoughtful of my needs, and helps out so much more. He's not perfect at it, and I never expect him to be (that would just be too easy), but I so appreciate it and I love him all the more for it.


  1. Yay for Amy and Brad! It does wonders to a relationship when one feels appreciated! A good reminder for us all.
    Love, Mom

  2. Oh how cute, to use your word!

  3. That's so sweet... It's the little things that sometimes matter so much. And you are bad haha, making him skip class!! :-)

    Nice blog!

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