My Cat, Bagheera

Many years ago (I'm not sure what year- 95 or 94), on July 30th our cat, Tigger, had kittens. It was a Saturday morning and I got up to let Tigger in from the garage. I found Tigger on a box, I think, and she had a little black girl kitten. I ran to get my parents and we brought Tigger and the kitten into Rach's and mine room and she gave birth to three boys in our closet. Two black kitties, one that looked just like Tigger (black and white tabby), and one with unique colorings. It was so much fun having kittens, having them crawl up our legs at the kitchen table, running around crazy all the time, just watching them grow.
Since Tigger was Rach's cat, Craig and I got to pick two kittens. I love runts so I picked the girl I found and I named her Bagheera after the puma in "The Jungle Book". I loved her name. Craig picked the boy with the fun coloring and he had a diamond on his forehead so he was Jewels.
Long story semi-short, Bagheera was the only one that lasted to the next year. I love animals- always have. But I especially love cats. They are my all-time favorite animal and pet. Bagheera was the best cat anyone could ask for. I loved her more than anything growing up. She was always there for me- that is what I love about pets/animals. They know when to comfort you when you are sick and sad. I would always talk to her, pet her, just be with her. Not constantly, but enough to have her be one of my best friends.
She used to be quite talkative but a few years ago she got a cold and her throat never fully recovered. Bags became quite the squeak box! Even though she had no voice, she still had to try to be heard. I'm so glad that Brad and I were able to live with my parent's so I could be with her again, because she was getting on in years. Every morning, whether I wanted her to or not, she would be meowing/squeaking at my door to be let in. Up she went onto my bed to instantly start purring and cuddle in between my legs.
Last night my Bagheera passed away. I am beyond sad. I thought she had a few good years left in her, but apparently she was sick and we didn't know about it. Luckily she got to pass away with my parent's by her at their house, so she was comfortable and with loved ones. I've had her for at least half of my life. I already missed her, being in another state and all, but now I really miss her because not even visiting home will I get to see her and hold her.
Bagheera really was the perfect cat. She loved everyone, let little kids play with her (though it didn't last terribly long), purred so easily, was so cuddly... just perfect. I mean, sometimes I would just look at her and I could hear her start purring! She had many nicknames: Bags, Baggers, Baggy, Bagura (my grandma called her that- couldn't qutie pronounce her name for some reason), and I called her Sweet Pea. She was so happy all the time. She was my little shadow. Would have to get me or my mom to go watch her eat- just a weird habit of hers. And boy, did she love Brad! She would almost always be with me when I was home, and if I was on the bed of course, with me. When folding laundry, she wouldn't go near my clothes. But without a doubt, anything that smelt like Brad she was on. She would cuddle in his hats, lay on his clothes- anything related to Brad. She was also one of the smartest creatures- she knew exactly what we would say to her. A weird quirk of hers: she loved hair. So weird- she would go up and chew on people's hair. In her younger years she was quite the huntress. Little half-dead birds on our doorstep, other little live things she would find. One time I was reading a book on the couch and she hopped up on me and plopped this HUGE worm on my book. Yeah, nice thought but gross. There are many more great things about her.
I love my cat. I know there are people out there who think that it is ridiculous to love something that isn't human so much, and well to be quite honest, I think they are ridiculous. I'm so glad I picked her- I know she was meant for me. Here is a slideshow of the few pictures I have of her with me. I wish I had more, but they are with my parents somewhere. Oddly enough, I am not in any of these pictures because I always took her picture!
I miss you, Bagheera.


  1. So sweet! I loved the pics. We will really miss her.

  2. Ah I am so sorry. I started to cry too. I remember going to your house to see her after she was born. She lived a long time. And she was Rosie's niece. Can you believe Rosie is still around. That must make her at least 15 years old or something. It nice that you have lots of pictures to remember her by.

  3. So sorry to hear about Bagheera! I know you loved her very much. If you need a cat to cuddle with you can always go and see Shadow at my parents house, he's getting really old!