Summer Anticipation

I find myself all alone in my apartment quite frequently these days, and with that, very bored. I still have been unable to find a job- and I don't get it! I've applied at so many places... it's really frustrating. I got offered a job in Idaho Falls at Macy's and I would really love to work there, but they wanted me to work about two Sundays a month. Therefore, I decided not to take it.
Anyhow, with all my spare time these days I do not have much else better to do but anxiously await movies or shows to come.
First up, June 12. I am SO SO SO excited for the TBS show "My Boys" to come back on! I got addicted to this show about two years ago. Love it. It's set in Chicago and the lead character is a girl sport writer who is basically one of the guys. It's so hilarious. If you haven't seen it and have cable, be sure to tune in this season. And catch up on all past videos online!
I am really excited to see this movie, though it's already out in theaters. I'm just waiting a while so I can go to the dollar theater and save money... and for Brad to have more time. I want to see Prince Caspian. I loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe so I really hope this movie delivers. And I've read the Chronicles of Narnia at least twice (and I think I might start again if I continue to be bored).
Another one already out in theaters: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on this one. Yet again, waiting for the dollar theater. But before it came out, the trilogy of the Indiana Jones movies were almost always on the Sci-Fi channel... so I watched the first and last one frequently. I will say the Temple of Doom is a waste of my time and could of been SO much better- they horribly cast the kid and the girl. Annoying. I love Indiana Jones- he's so amazing! He has the best job and looks great at the same time!
They have been showing more and more of this movies preview lately and I laugh every time. I think I would like to see Steve Carrell in Get Smart. It just looks like one of those movies you can really laugh at and I haven't seen one of those in a while.
Kung Fu Panda looks so cute and funny too!! For some reason, I see a trend that I'm not really wanting to see chick flicks right now. Or I am unaware of any coming out. Anyhow, this is an animated movie with Jack Black as a klutzy panda in training for, guess it, kung fu. Looks like fun.
Being a fan of Will Smith and any cool superhero, Hancock looks really cool. Though it looks like a whole new breed or definition of what a superhero is.
We have movie gift certificate tickets that we have been waiting to use. I asked Brad if he wanted to use it on the first two movies. He said no and reminded me of this movie coming out- um, yeah we'll wait to use it on this! The Dark Knight. I thought the Batman movies with George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Michael Keaton were entertaining enough but were cheesy. Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies. And Batman is my favorite superhero. Christian Bale is my shallow-celebrity crush and is the perfect Batman. Heath Ledger I know will deliver as the Joker. Though I was really sad to hear of his death and that he was losing sleep because he was so deep in the Joker character. And thank heavens Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces Katie Holmes's as the DA Rachel Dawes. Brad and I both are anxiously awaiting this movie!
I am sure I have more things to look forward to this summer than just movies and shows, but they aren't as interesting to talk about! Or I am just showing how dull my life is... probably a combination of the two. This is just a snippet of what I look forward to this summer.


  1. all those look really good. we just saw indiana jones today and thought it was good. a bit sci-fi at times, but entertaining like all the indiana jones movies. (i can't believe you don't like shorty from temple of doom, i loved him! "dr. jones!" and the lady in that movie ended up marrying steven speilberg, funny huh.)

  2. You've got some good movie picks for the summer. I think my picks mirror yours. You are just lucky to have 1$ theaters. Our movies cost 18$. So it has to be a movie theater worthy film. Which I think all of those are. I can't wait to be back home.