Amazing Finale

Last night found me home alone, once again. What better thing to do than watch the American Idol finale? I am so glad I did! I was thoroughly entertained! I usually don't care to watch the whole finale because I don't have the patience to watch everyone else perform while we just wait for the results. I have a few highlights of last night that totally made it an awesome finale- musically and guest appearances.
Here are my highlights from last night's American Idol finale:
- Archuleta and Cook doing a duet to 'Hero'. I love this song! Chad Krueger from Nickelback and Josey Scott from Saliva did this song for the first Spiderman and I loved it then. I was really impressed these two finalists sounded so well together! This performance is the top video on here.
- Mike Meyers being the Guru. I was laughing sooo hard!! It was so funny when he was trying to poke fun at Archuleta's youth and you could totally tell Archuleta so did not get what he was saying... which was probably best.
- Observation: It is not hard to imagine that David Hernandez was a stripper. The looks he gives, the way he moves, and the one time with his shirt open a bit- please, it is so obvious. Hopefully he won't have to go back to doing that.
- Gladys Knight with her backup 'dancers'. I was surprised to see Robert Downey Jr. with Jack Black and Ben Stiller- but it worked. They were so goofy and their performance was so hilarious to me.
- This is not a highlight. This is a... what?? Okay, Carrie Underwood. You are a cute, successful girl who usually knows how to dress herself. Why did you wear that silly outfit??? Did anybody else think her outfit was ridiculous? And her song- oh my gosh I hated it. I don't even like country, usually, but I do like Underwood. But I hated that song. I was not liking her last night. That was probably the one time I was not happy.
-I liked Castro performing 'Hallelujah'. It really fit him. I actually thought he performed better than then he did a lot of other times when he was in the competition.
- OneRepbulic performing. I totally did not expect them to be there and started clapping when Seacrest announced they were going to perform 'Apologize'. I need to get the piano music for that song! But then Archuleta came out and totally owned the song! Tell me, why has he not been choosing songs like this to perform? I have had a hard time watching Archuleta perform because to me he is incredibly boring. Yes, amazing voice but why does he pick such prissy songs?! I feel that if he had chosen more songs like 'Apologize' he could've won AI. This is the video on the bottom.
- Finally, DAVID COOK WON!! I was so happy!! No matter who won, you know they are both going to get record deals. Cook is way more my style of music and I think he has a much firmer grip on who he is and what music speaks to him. Which makes sense, seeing as how Archuleta is 17. I am such a baby- I got teary-eyed when he got emotional finding out he won. It was really touching to me. And his brother was so happy for him and crying- it was so sweet. How amazing though- you go to support your brother trying out, you end up trying out as well, and you WIN American Idol!! I look forward to his CD. I've never bought an American Idol contestant's CD, but I think I will buy Cook's.


  1. I agree with you 100%!! I am happy Cook won; especially since he went with his brother to support him, and then that brother ended up getting cancer. It's like he is living the dream for him. Amazing. As far as Archuletta goes, who is also wonderful, his dad picked most of his songs. I think he held up well considering how meddling his dad is - and he's only 17! Phenomenal! Greatest season ever for AI!

  2. i was home alone too and screamed for joy when cook won. i was totally expecting archuletta to win cause he was favored the night before. i was so happy! YEAH!

    my favorite parts:
    * jimmy kimmel. he is hilarious
    * i also really liked brooke white and graham nash. that was a great performance.
    * agree one republic was awesome although the guy was a bit tone deaf.
    * loved george michael - always have. he's one of the best singers of all time in my book.

  3. Correction: David Cook's older brother is the one with cancer, not the one he auditioned with! Sorry about that! ;-)

  4. Amy, we are so two peas in a pod. I totally agree with everything you said! I worked last night and unfortunately forgot to rewind my VHS (yes we are still in the dark ages) so I didn't get the last part...argh! Lance was trying to get it all recorded for me and ended up recording over some of the beginning too so I didn't see that either...it was sweet of him to try because the recording thing messes with his mind. Thank goodness for you tube!! I did get to see my favorite part though, one republic with Archy. Like you I LOVE the song! And it was even better when David came out. What a great song for him! So glad like you they finally picked a new song for him!