This would be a post of pics for my WHOLE apartment, but not all my rooms are quite ready. Correction: my bedroom is not ready. We ordered some bedding from Target and, well, I'm waiting on that. So I have decided to introduce separate rooms with different topics of posts. It should be interesting.
I love to cook. Especially easy recipes that taste amazing, look impressive, and hardly take any effort. The other night I did something, though, that I never EVER thought I would do- I cooked with tomatoes AND mushrooms. I hate them both. But, if I had to decide a winner, I hate mushrooms more than I hate tomatoes. But Brad LOVES mushrooms, and I decided to be a nice wife for once and cook him something with mushrooms in it. I was even nicer and donated all the mushrooms from my plate to his. I know, I'm amazing. The dish was Fettuccine Cacciatore. I don't usually do this when I cook, but when I took a bite I immediately went MMMMM!! I was surprised it tasted sooo good. It has now entered one of my top five things to cook because it tasted so freaking good! I even liked the tomatoes- I think because they were canned and already marinated so they actually had nice flavoring. So now I am a fan of canned tomatoes.

Here is my finished product. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am a nerd for taking pictures of my food, but it just is so pretty!!

See all that beauty?!?! Melted cheese, green pepper, tomato, chicken, basil... The final presentation: on my plate. Brad and I both devoured it. You know you want the recipe!

The dining area of our kitchen. I love our table- of course, from IKEA. And so is the baker's rack, which I am hoping to stain a darker wood sometime this summer. The sign was purchased yesterday, it's a birthday present to myself. Brad didn't really get me anything and allowed me to purchase one thing I wanted. Ooh La La won. I love it.

The left side of my kitchen. Nothing too exciting. I have some jars you can hardly see that I need to fill with something (if any ideas, let me know!) I think I might do dark and white chocolate and maybe some cinnamon red candies in them. We've decided to do our kitchen wtih black and red accents.

And finally, the right side of my kitchen. I love having my silverware on the wall- again, IKEA purchase. Almost everything we have purchased from our home is IKEA. Well, there is my first room introduction. I love my kitchen- I am pretty sure it's the biggest one we've had yet and still the cheapest rent we've paid!


  1. So cute! Wow you really did a cute job decorating!! I love your table and the silverware in the wall is super unique. I've never seen anything like it. it looks like you guys are liking out there, i hope your bedding comes soon!

  2. Yea for the kitchen! Got to love kraftfoods.com!! It's one of my favorite places to look for recipes!

  3. I am glad you decorate with what you have. I hate to decorate when I know my house isn't permanent. Your kitchen looks very nice.

  4. Good things you have space for all those shiny new pans you are using! You'll have to cook the fettuccini dish for me and dad when we visit sometime! You know how dad loves mushrooms! ;-)
    Hugs and kisses,

  5. that looks yum-o. i still need your recipe for mac and cheese. your apt looks cute. i bet you love having your own place to decorate now.

  6. That looks really yummy so I'm going to try it.