Much Needed Present

Since my parents were up here for this last weekend, they had waited to give me my birthday present then. Well, it is a joined birthday present actually- great thing about having your husband's birthday somewhat close to yours (mine-Apr 20 his- May 15) is you can sometimes get one better present together than small ones separately! Anyhow, my mom had asked me if it was okay that she got us one joint gift and I said it was fine. Really not picky. But my curiosity was quite piqued.
This is what we got and I am SOO HAPPY!:
We definitely both benefit from this. Now I just have to find room for it because there are a LOT more pots and pans than what I had before!


  1. Lucky you. Cooking is always more enjoyable when have nice cook ware.

  2. yeah you'll love those! cute new pic by the temple.