It's FEBRUARY! Holy freaking cow! And do you know what that means? Oh yeah, it is now just two weeks away from my favorite holiday- Valentine's Day! I have been a huge fan of this day since my single days. No reason for bitterness... Further proof that I am a lost cause and am a hopeless romantic.
Brad has been trying to argue with me that it isn't really a holiday, but I thwart him every time! Yes, it was named after Catholic Saints that don't have too much to do with love (history here) but you cannot tell me men do not need encouragement to tell their special lady that they love them, at least a little.
As much as I love this holiday, I don't like to make a HUGE deal out of it. Just doing something on this day is great to me. This year, we aren't even getting gifts for each other because we'd rather save the money for another time. Although Brad is technically getting me a gift, only that he is taking that day off. I get a whole day with my husband! Trust me, between studying for finals for his online courses, traveling to take those tests, working full-time (plus commute), church duties, we hardly ever see each other. He deserves a grand day of anything he wants. But I still want to do something nice for him. Last year I gave him a semi-homemade gift that he loved, so I feel like I can't do that this year. Guys can only take so much cutsie-ness. Also, I have no clue as to what to make of his day off! Does anyone have any ideas for a simple gift? And any idea as to what we should do the whole day? I'd greatly appreciate input. One thing I am pretty sure we are going to do is go see the movie 'Jumper'. I made him watch a chick-flick last year (which he actually enjoyed) so now it is his turn. But I like guy movies, anyhow so it's not a sacrifice for me.
I don't understand why people fight Valentine's Day so much. Why should we fight something that has us celebrating love? There isn't enough of it these days, in this world of ours. So why not help spread it and give in? Make it your holiday, not what the vendors want you to make of it. I hate the mold that has been shapened by retailers- gotta give the girls chocolates, flowers, jewelry. I say try and be creative and remember who you are married to/dating, then get a gift that isn't double the price due to it being the 14th of February.
I'm off of my V-Day soap-box now. Only 13 more days!!


  1. i think it's a great holiday too. i so want to see jumper with hottie anakin with a hair cut. looks good. neil and i usually get cards and little goodies for each other - go to dinner etc. it's a fun holiday to celebrate.

  2. I would say go to the naked onsen, but then again you aren't in japan. Make him some chocolates that you can make into something. Like a message of chocolate letters or like a picture message. Or have him do a romantic treasure hunt for a date. That leads to dinner, movie, etc...Example.. Go to the place where we first kissed and kiss you the number of anniveraries we have had to get the clue. Then the dinner clue could be there. Good luck and let me know what you end up doing.