Enchanted Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I had a great Christmas this year, attributed to many different things. For one, Brad did a stupendous job of picking out my presents basically all on his own. May sound silly, but it's a big deal. FYI- that isn't the best part of Christmas... I am just really happy he took time and thought for my presents. And I loved getting him all of his presents. Another big Christmas moment, was Rachel finally got her present from me. I had the idea for it and bought things for it since October... but didn't start actually doing it until the week before Christmas. It was a scrapbook of sister pictures... simple, but fun and that way she always has me with her. Biggest part of all was having ALL of my family here. It's probably not going to happen again for a few more years so it was just really special to have all of us spending time together. Rylee is sooo cute. She brought a smile to all of our faces and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her more.
I just wanted to share something with all of you from one of my new favorite movies- Enchanted. If you have not seen this movie, GO SEE IT. Brad got me the soundtrack for Christmas and we have both enjoyed singing it in the car. It was a nice little surprise in my stocking... I'm not used to gifts over $5 in my stocking! I would love to share the music from the movie, but I think if you hear it before you see it it isn't as fun and partially ruins it for you. So here is something else.

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  1. glad you guys had a good christmas. i still haven't seen enchanted yet! i need to go see it soon. love me some mcdreamy ;)