Not as Cute as Pushkin

My all-time FAVORITE show EVER is, without question, Gilmore Girls. My mom, Rach, and I started watching GG the first season and fell in love with it. There are many episodes/seasons I wish had never been made, but I still cannot help but love this show. It's kind of funny- I always get on Brad's case about how he should talk about more things with his brothers and cousins than just sports. But you get me and Rach in a car ride, or just some random outing, and we can spout off for hours about Gilmore Girls. I know, hypocritical, but there you have it. But Rach and I can talk for hours about anything, in my defense. Moving right along...
ABCFamily has Gilmore Girls on M-F at 5pm and the rerun of that show the next day at 11am. Needless to say, I watch them. Over and over and over... I watch them. Not so much now because it is to the point where Logan was introduced into the picture, and though I was rooting for him at the beginning of his character's conception, it stopped shortly thereafter. Anyhow, a few weeks ago one of the FUNNIEST episodes was on. I was laughing so hard- this is where Logan won me over. The whole episode wasn't all that funny, but there are two instances where you will definitely laugh at. Here, at your pleasure, is three scenes from "Not as Cute as Pushkin"... they all blend, believe me. Hard to believe this is the guy they chose to propose to Rory... silly writers...

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  1. i've never watched a full episode. i liked the "butt faced miscrient" i have no idea how to spell that word.