Being Here

I feel like for the last few months I have been so "self-centered". Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a survival way. I have let some things slip off the side because I had to. They weren't important enough. My family and my sanity were top priority, and that was still a real struggle (mostly sanity... family is way more easy-going than me). The fog is starting to dissipate for now (until the next big thing hits... it is quite difficult to not think that way with the way our year has been going...) and I hope to dedicate more time to other things and people. As well as do more things for myself that I enjoy but let fall away due to getting what needed to get done. Like this! I enjoy writing here, even if no one reads it. I enjoy writing my thoughts and sharing what our family is up to. But don't count on consistancy... if there is one thing I've learned, that is consistency and I do not get along in the social media world. I do what I can and will be happy with that.

In two days, we'll have been in the Atlanta area for TWO MONTHS. TWO MONTHS! What the heck! I never thought it would be this long. When we first got here, a company that works closely with the owners of Brad's work donated tickets to a Braves game. The boys were way excited to go to a major baseball game. Great seats, great day... underwhelming game. Hey, everyone has off days. It was a great break from reality. 

We started homeschool back up when we got here. Connections were made with local private and public schools and so the displaced children were able to get in a school right away. It was amazing how giving this community was with us all. We considered enrolling them all, but I had already bought all our coursework for the year. Plus, we had just uprooted our boys from school and friends and to do that again (and for sure be leaving in a couple months), didn't feel right. May sound weird, but it's what we thought was best for them.
The area we are in has no shortage of awesome things to go and do. Our first outing was to the Tellus Science Museum. This is just how perfect it was for the boys- we were there for four hours and no one complained. No feet hurting, tiredness, hungry, thirsty, bored, or whatever complaints. Pure excitement and awe the entire time. Talk about a win. We first went through the fossil area. So. Dang. Cool. Then we headed over the their massive exhibit of all sorts of minerals and rocks. We then headed over to their transportation exhibit. 
Future pilot in front of a cock pit, ladies and gents
Tellus also has a fossil dig and gem mining area. Unfortunately, my hands were either too dirty or too wet to get any photos. Oops. At the fossil dig, you get to keep one little fossil. Once we really got into it, we had quite the selection. Which then made it that much harder for some boys to choose just one. At the gem mining, you keep whatever you find. The gems are little, but it is really fun to see what you can find. Our last stop of the museum was a big hands-on area where you got to loads of neat stuff. Things like mechanics, weather, solar power, contraptions (pictured above), and more. Heaven, I tell ya. Writing about it makes me want to go there again... maybe we will!

We have a few things left on our Atlanta list we would like to do. Aquarium and zoo are up there. The Martin Luther King, Jr. historic site is another we need to see before we go. James has looked up to him ever since learning about him in 1st grade. A definite must. We are ever so grateful for our time here. I hope to share more about all that has and is happening with us. It is all pretty spectacular. 


  1. We stumbled upon your blog this morning and just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write about your recent visit to Tellus Science Museum. We are especially grateful that of all the spectacular places to visit in Atlanta, you chose Tellus for your first outing. If you haven't yet, we encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter or join our Facebook page so you can be aware of all the exciting events and exhibits coming up. We hope to see you again soon.

  2. Hi Amy! This is Christine Marshall! I hear some good news that you're moving to the place that we live, (Shaylen saw it on social media... but I'm not on any social media...) and I wanted to get in touch with you so we can get together when you get here. Email me!! christinemrshll at yahoo Hope to hear from you soon!