Little Date of Mine

A little over two months ago (man, i'm behind...), a sweet six-year old asked his mommy on a date. Yes, Mister James asked me out. It was so dang cute. I was kind of surprised and of course I said yes (who on earth could say no??). We planned our date for the next Thursday, February 19th. I gave him some options for food- burgers, hot dogs, pizza, or go more exotic like Indian (ha, i wish! someday). He quickly said hot dogs. Hot dogs it is! I then asked if he would like to go bowling. We've never taken our kids, something I had just realized and quickly need to remedy, and he excitedly said yes. Date planned!

I had scheduled a hair cut for 4:30 that day, so he tagged along while I chopped two-ish inches off my hair. He was a rock star. So well-behaved. We then headed to Five Guys to get Mister James his hot dog and me my burger. We were happy!
The handsome six-year old date. He chose his outfit. How darling is he??
After dinner, we headed over to the bowling alley. I was kind of excited to use the bumpers kids get so they don't get in the gutter... because I get in the gutter quite often. Bowling is not my sport, that's for sure. Alas, this alley was ahead of the times and the bumpers came up for James, and sadly went down for me. Oh well. By the end, James didn't even need the bumpers. I was impressed... and maybe a little jealous ;) Final score- James, 83. Mother, 61 (or something close to that). James was the winner!
 I was informed my first outfit wasn't nice enough because I wasn't wearing a skirt. Which I was trying to avoid. But, hey... gotta look nice for the dapper boy
We were supposed to head home after that, but James said we had to go to Target and look at toys to finish our date. Who am I to argue with the guy who took me on a date? To Target we went. 

This special date was so much fun. To have one-on-one time with a child... such a bonding time. Their personalities and uniqueness just shine and it's so wonderful to see them just be them. These boys love each other, but you almost forget how individual they can be when you don't get very much separate time with them. James informed me our next date is a family date so everyone can come with us to get hot dogs. I suggested maybe we get pizza next time... spice things up a bit ;) 


  1. Hmm, sorry this comment might be a repeat. I'm not sure my first one went through.

    That is so cute that James asked you out! I hope my little guy does that for me someday. Looks like you had a great time and looked good while doing it.