End of Summer Family Pictures

I have a bunch of posts I keep meaning to post... things are getting stacked up here. Buuut at the moment, I cannot seem to find my camera. It's around here somewhere, in the mess that is my life. I just checked my car, and well, that was a no-go. While I was outside I figured, why not check the mail? SO glad I did! Our family pictures are finally here! Woot! We got them taken at the beginning of September, but because of our move and the photographer had just recently moved, getting them into our hands got a bit delayed. No worries, just glad they finally made it here. 

Funny thing, we moved wards with buying the house (same church building, different time) and our photographer moved right before us into the same ward. How awesome, right?? Anyways, she had caught up to me at a Stake event recently saying that she was actually able to get some good shots (the boys were quite restless and excited during the whole thing) but not as many as she had hoped. A mini session might be in order soon- I'm thinking inside or limited outside to help these boys be a little more cooperative. Here's to hoping ;)

Without further ado, my fave shots of the session-
I'm pretty happy with them! The only thing I'm not crazy about is how my outfit played out. It looks... I don't know. It was so much harder to figure out what I wanted to wear. Someone else can pick out my clothes next time, mkay? But it's just a small bother to what I think is some great pictures. Love this family of mine. 


  1. these are fantastic! cute family guys!

  2. You got some GREAT pictures!!! Whose the photographer?

    1. Kristen Moss- Amy actually recommended her!

  3. Love them all!!! How are our little ones growing up sooo fast??