A Decade of Knowing

This picture is from Halloween day 2003, the earliest one we have together
It was ten years ago tonight that Brad and I met. Ten years since we began. I still remember it so vividly. I can still see him walking through the door... still see the easy smile on his face... still feel the instant connection... still feel his casual side hugs... still remember how easy it was to talk to him... still remember how much more I liked him when he complimented me on my Converse. I remember it all.  I had no idea I was meeting my future husband, but meeting him definitely impacted me.

Brad entering my life at that time was nothing short of a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. Life wasn't going accordingly and I was trying to find myself again, trying to find my footing. After meeting Brad, I was positive the only role he had in my life was to show me that there were still genuinely great guys left in the world. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to realize there was a much bigger plan than that. And man, am I grateful. So grateful. He was my instant best friend and we spent almost every day together. 

So today marks the first day of our lives beginning together. It truly doesn't feel like ten years, and I am so excited for the many, many more ahead of us. If you want to read more about us meeting, check out this post... it's a good one :)
 San Francisco trip, December 2003


  1. Happy ten years! Isn't it so strange to think we are old enough to say things like that?

  2. So cute!!!! You guys! 10 YEARS!? So wonderful.