TOT Soccer

I can't believe it- Gavin and James are signed up for soccer. It's not city soccer, it's just a soccer for 3 and 4-year olds... but still

I was supposed to sign James up for preschool this year and, to be honest, it just slipped my mind. And then when I did try, the lady had a full voice-mail. Ugh, not worth it. Plus I don't feel like spending the money on things I could do at home with him. Yes, he misses out on social interaction, but he also gets more time with his family. Anyways... I digress :) Since I missed the preschool boat, Brad and I thought it'd be nice to sign him up for something fun (and less expensive) instead. We found this TOT soccer program and decided it was perfect. While signing James up, I realized three-year olds were allowed. Why not sign Gavin up?? He'd end up dying to run on the field anyhow, might as well make it legit. So, we signed the two boys up and tonight was their first game.

The boys were excited all day and were begging to go in the car to take them to soccer. When the time came, ooooh were they happy! We met Brad there, got their t-shirts, and watched them learn soccer.
They were all divided into groups (James and Gavin got to be in the same group, even though they had different colors- yay!). The exercise was to dribble a small ways, and dribble back. Well, James didn't like that and decided to dribble the whole field. Brad got a video of him dribbling back to the group.
All in all, the boys did great (for them). They weren't perfect, weren't awesome at listening, but they did pretty good. I'm so excited for next week to take them back! Oh, and when we got back James decided he needed to take some selfies. Enjoy 


  1. Cute! They look so different from each other. And james is looking much older. I guess it's almost a year since we lived there. Love how little kids drown in their sport shirts.