Mother's Day

What a great weekend we had here! Though I feel totally spoiled now (doesn't help that my birthday was three weeks earlier). But that is okay, because I get to make it up tomorrow for a very special husband's birthday. 

Saturday Brad took ALL the boys out (a very daunting task) to get some Mother's Day gifts, let them play at the play place at the mall, and got them McDonald's. What a sweet daddy. He declared I was to do as little as possible, for Mother's Day was starting early. 

Sunday morning began with waffles and bacon... and being 20 minutes late to church. All thanks to a stubborn four-year old, a sleepy one-year old, getting the frosting on our refrigerated cake for that night, and the usual scramble of getting ready. Oh well. James sang with the Primary in Sacrament meeting- will that ever get old? Love seeing him up there. He is just too darn cute. Once he got up there I hear, "Hi Mommy!" I look up and he is just beaming at me, which makes me smile, and I wave at him. Again, he says, "Hi Mommy!!" Made my heart burst. Then Gavin set in with fighting me, saying, "I want to go! I need to go up there!" and the crying ensued. Poor guy. Next year! 

Brad and Rachel made dinner (I helped a little, but it's mostly because I don't know how to not be busy during dinner time). After dinner, we got the boys back in their church clothes and headed to Hendricks Park. If you haven't noticed, we haven't had our family picture taken professionally in like a year and a half. Boo. So, in the meantime of figuring out when that will happen, I wanted some new pics. At Hendricks Park there is a rhododendron garden. Oh. My. Beautiful. The boys had so much fun running around and seeing the flowers... and finding prize-winning sized sticks. We even got some good pics in. Yes! 

I love being a mom. I feel inadequate most of the time, but then these little boys snuggle into my neck and whisper I love you, Mommy and giggle, smile and look at me. And just like that, I don't feel like such a failure. There is too much comparison these days amongst women and mothers. We do what is right for our own families. We need to stop listening to the social media, which shows just a small facet of other people's lives... which, may not even be a true facet. We are all doing our best in life and that is all that we need to be worried about. I love my family and am so very blessed to have these three adorable boys and loving husband. 


  1. Great pics and wonderful reminder at the bottom. I miss Hendricks park! So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. What a beautiful park! And a beautiful family! Love those kiddos! (and their mommy and daddy!)