Outside Time

The weather was perfect while visiting our families, so we spent lots of time outside. The Monday we were there, plans changed for the reunion so we spent the day at the ranch. James and Gav rode a horse for a little bit, but before they did Papa Jim told them they could wear boots if they wanted. These boys are obsessed with boots and were far too happy to put on the little boots. And to snap a shot together:
 We took family pictures and this guy PASSED out right after
Later that night we had some rain, and that led to some awesome puddle jumping, playing with Cutter, brotherly slide time, and just plain having fun in the rain. Looooots of laundry when we got home, I tell you what. They were soaked.
At my parents house, we pulled out their new sand toys and went to go play in the dirt. Ah, the joys of boys. Gavin greatly dislikes sand/dirt on him, so once he would take the time to notice he was dirty, he'd ask me to  clean him up. 
After the billionth time wiping dirt off Gav's hands and emptying his flip flops, I decided to get the boys distracted in another part of the yard. They were all dirty so I got the hose out and hosed their feet and hands. And their clothes. Since that enticed many a giggle, we decided to get swim trunks on and play in the water. James is such a water kid, he had a blast getting hosed down and sprayed. Jack liked the idea at first, but then decided the cold water was not for him. Gavin... well, is Gavin and kept his distance from the water. I was proud of him for letting us get him a little wet. Once James teeth started chattering, we finally went in. 
 Chubs baby coming!!
 This picture... love
The day that we left, my parents wanted to get a family picture of us. To warm the boys up to the idea of more posed pictures, we played for a bit, took pictures, played some more, took more pictures in a different spot. Though they didn't behave perfectly for the shoots, it sure did help to play in between. Papa Pat helped the boys with a ladybug in between takes. 
What joy from a grandpa. Love this picture of my dad
 We were taking pics of just the two of us and James wanted in on it
I have realized this before, but seeing the boys with the ladybug really made me realize how much I need to get over my fear of bugs. Correction: tolerate them. I kid you not, I hate all bugs. Yes, ladybugs and especially butterflies included. Stupid fluttering insects. So the other day while we were outside, I came across a ladybug! And I had it on me. That is major. Not so bad :) And it was so neat to see how gentle and good James and Gavin were with it. Though, it did fall off of James and he tried to pick it up and almost squished it... I saved him/her just in time. 


  1. So much fun to have you here! :)

  2. You hate butterflies?!? They only live for a couple of days, you know. :) Glad you had such a good time with family. Looks like the boys had a blast.