Today is kind of (unique) special to me and my boys for two reasons...

1- Jack is the EXACT same age Gavin was when Jack joined our family. 14 months, 10 days. Freaky. So happy to report there is no bun in the oven this (or next!) year. As much as I love my kids, this girl needs a break from popping another one out!
2- Four years ago we brought James home from the hospital. I was still very tender from my first c-section and first birth. The snow was still out there in good ol' Rexburg and, well... the two-mile drive home (and stop for pain meds) was a tad bumpy and painful. My mom was coming the next day (smart woman booked her flight 9 days before the due date to help me prep for baby's arrival. who knew she'd help take care of little James so soon!) and I thought I totally had the one night without her and my wonderful nurses, no problem. He was a perfect newborn, with a bad night the night before. Surely it wouldn't repeat. Needless to say, many tears were had that night. Tired, new mama

Here it is, December 31, 2012. Onto 2013 and the many adventures to be had with my little misters!

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