The Tree and the Letter

Last weekend we got our Christmas tree. I don't think we usually get it this early, but I really wanted it! We went to the lot we went last year (and loved our tree) and the trees were pale. Hardly any had a vibrant green. I felt bad, but we tried another lot. It was under this big red and white tent. They had loads of trees that we loved. Just a matter of narrowing it down and agreeing on the same one. 
That night we put on a good ol' Michael Buble Christmas station on Pandora and decked out our tree. James was so great this year, he was so excited to be helping. We would find clusters of ornaments in spots where he just went crazy. Gavin was interested for a short bit, then played by himself happily. Jack played with containers for the most part. Then all at once he and Gavin discovered a more delicate pile of ornaments (that James had gotten out) and started having fun. Those ended up in a safer place till they were put on the tree :) 
the MANY attempts of a brother shot in their Christmas shirts in front of the tree
stash of ornaments away from little ones!
time for the star- special job went to James, the only one who cared
James did it perfectly the first time. My camera did not. So they took it off so I could take the picture and he could NOT get it back on! After a few attempts, he finally got it
Our tree may be only 2/3 decorated, but I think it is beautiful. I got a ton of ornaments last year the day after Christmas at Target for, like, 70% off so I was super excited to use them finally.

Onto other things, James has decided that Santa is buying/making him a Loki this year for Christmas. And a Hawkeye (can you tell he loves the Avengers??). It's become a bit of an obsession. My mom said maybe we should do a Santa letter so he feels calmer about it all. Good thinkin', Nana. He loved doing the letter (and I did, too, actually). This was his FIRST letter to Santa, of many more to come, I'm sure. We walked to our mailbox right when we were done, making sure it got to the North Pole on time. We still hear about Santa's gift every day, but not nearly as much as before (thank heavens). 


  1. That is so cute! Love the Loki and Hawkeye!

  2. I love it all! Especially Gavin's Santa's little helper shirt...which apparently he was not! :)