Lasted Long Enough

We've had a certain floor lamp since we were first married. Bought with our newlywed Target gift cards. I'm surprised it didn't meet its demise before yesterday...
Surprise, surprise two little boys were found right next to where it was supposed to be (third one was sleeping snugly in his crib, thank heavens). One was absolutely scared while the other one barely even acknowledged a big object just fell over and shattered right next to him. Oh, two-year olds... nothing phase them.

Since our apartment doesn't have an overhead light (what is with places doing that??),we are now in search of a new lamp. Sigh... those suckers aren't cheap. 


  1. Thank goodness they weren't hurt!

  2. Yikes! I'm so glad that no one got little pieces stuck in their feet. I know, it's silly that there's often no overhead lighting, but I find it quite often.