Going-Ons With (lots of) Pictures

I have to say... blogging is not quite a priority these days. As Jack gets older, life gets easier and harder all at the same time. I am drained by the end of the day. And I have lots to do... lots of projects piling up. I am ignoring them for now. Didn't help this last week I got a book, The Maze Runner, from the library I have been waiting for. I finished it today- it was dang good. To make it easier on myself, and to catch up on what is going on in our awesome household, I will show all the pictures I have been taking. Me, actually taking pictures??? I know. I've actually been remembering to pull my camera out. Here is what has been going on here:

The rest of my birthday celebrations
 Day after my birthday got to go out with some friends and have amazing pizza and deLICious dessert (thanks, everyone!)
 Peek-a-boo with toast
Wearing jammies and whatever else we find over our real clothes
 James enjoying wearing daddy's wind breaker and his Jones hat
 Sunshine and water!
 Jack getting cuter and cuter
 Helping daddy set up his birthday present- a new GRILL!
Nightly walks
 Mother's Day- I am so very blessed


  1. i take the best pictures of you guys, and give the best pictures of myself. you're welcome. also i'm wearing that yellow shirt today, it's like i own it and like it or something. also our life (i swear i am a part of your household) is awesome.

  2. I love our pizza pic! Walk on over to our house some night and say hi.

  3. Oh you have such a cute family! I sure miss you Amy! Any chance your going to be in Cali the end of July beginning of August?

  4. so much to comment on. the trifle looks amazing. what a good choice for a birthday cake. your kids are cute, we all know that! those desserts look amazing. your gifts look amazing. and craig has been looking for a Frisbee like the one gavin's holding forever, where did you get it?