Valentine's Day/Week

Valentine's Day was stretched across the week this year. Mostly due to the fact that I had scheduled Gav for his 18-month check-up that morning (oops) and one of these days I'll get the hang of this mom-to-three. I did get some awfully cute pictures of James holding Jack on my phone (and one good one of all 3). Oh these boys have me wrapped around their fingers...
The week before on our Target run, I had found a heart pancake skillet for $7.50- used to be $25! I had to get it. I was so very excited- this will get used a lot throughout the year! Since we had to get to the dr's on time on V-day, I postponed our pink heart-shaped pancakes for Saturday morning
I also had made red gingham bowties for all my little guys. They were meant for the Sunday before V-day, but all three boys got hit again with colds so we stayed home. So this past Sunday they wore them and boy... they were studs. But I am a tad partial. I couldn't believe they kept them on! As you can see, getting the picture(s) were a bit difficult...
I love Valentine's Day- easily my favorite holiday. Who doesn't love love??? Brad surprised me this year and brought home a dozen red roses (as seen in my previous v-day post). We have a "rule" that he is not allowed to buy me flowers, especially on Valentine's Day. But I'm ever so happy he broke the rule this year :)


  1. Cute bowties!!!! I wish ry and I were more into valentines day.....we just are too dang busy and too dang poor to make anything fun our of it. We did have a fun night planned and then Brinley got really sick. Maybe next year we will go out for dinner!!! Lol

  2. Such cute valentine's you have! No surprise that they have stolen your heart!

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