Christmas Time

This post is kind of a long time in coming, but we've been a tad busy...

Buy Christmas tree: Check!
Decorate awesome tree: Check!
Star put on by a special someone: Check!
Stockings hung: Check!
fyi- since taking this picture, we have added a real stocking for Jack. how horrible would it be if that was his for real stocking... sheesh
Small amount of Christmas decor: Check!
Project for Christmas: not even attempted yet, but it will be done!
Christmas shopping: almost Check

We have been busy bringing Christmas to our home since the first weekend of December. It is so fun teaching the boys little things about Christmas. James knows that Christmas is Jesus' birthday party and who his parents are. Today he told Rach that Joseph "is a great daddy". I thought she taught him that, and she thought I had taught him. So somewhere he picked it up that Joseph is a great daddy and Mary is a great mommy. Last night he started saying "Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!" in a rather deep voice. Then out of nowhere I hear little Gavin say, "Ho Ho Ho". What?? He is growing up too fast (they all are, truth be told). I'm so excited for another first Christmas and to be spending it with our little family (though we would love to be down in CA). After Christmas, we've got a birthday to plan! The fun never stops!


  1. Ooops. I didn't wear my plaid when we picked out our tree. i'm glad Jack gets a real-sized stocking.

  2. To bad we didn't live closer than the birthday/Christmas/birthday fun would last all week! We'll have to skype on Christmas and your tree is gorgeous!

  3. so fun seeing everything you posted! we are going to miss you on Christmas.

  4. Great tree and fun pictures! Have a Merry Christmas!