Baby Tidbits

Gol, I feel so boring right now. Stuff (good stuff) is happening... but not quite yet ready to blog about. So in the meantime, I thought I'd share how baby #3/pregnancy is going!

- this little boy loves to shake, rattle, and roll. which i love. he was a late mover (compared to the other two) so i'm glad he is all caught up on the moving
- we are measuring perfectly. my doctor says i'm the perfect pregnant woman- no swelling, great weight gain, awesome blood pressure, right on target with size. is it weird that that makes me nervous? my pregnancies are perfect until delivery time... so let's pray for perfect pregnancy and drama-free delivery!
- pretty sure we have a c-section date. we are hoping for october 21st (katie, your birthday! should i name him after a BSB in honor of the concert? haha... nooo...) it's a friday, which we think brad will have free so he wouldn't be in any rush to get back to school or miss the delivery. here's to hoping!
- a name is picked out, but once again, you shall not know till he comes here! well, at least not in a public place. i'd love to tell you if you want to message me :)
- i hate saying this... but i'm done being pregnant. i'm super blessed with my pregnancies, we are blessed with this little boy. but enough is enough. we did the math- in the last three years i have been more pregnant than not. i can't wait to be done. i want my body back. i could go on and on about this, but i won't
- james loves to kiss my belly and call baby by name. basically adorable. he's such a great big brother
- gavin loves to cuddle my belly, but he has no idea his little life is about to change :)
- basic third trimester woes: sore back, restless legs (gotta love that at night), acid reflux, ribs hurt. nothing too bad or serious. actually- it is waaaay more difficult/painful to walk and get around. ah well.
- some serious questioning going on of how this little guy is going to look! will he look like his brothers? more like james? more like gavin? like neither of them? will he get the blue eyes i have somehow given to both boys? questions questions...

That is basically all that is going on with Mister #3 and me! Still not that exciting, but better than nothing :) We (mostly I) am anxiously counting down the weeks till his arrival. This Thursday I hit the 34 week mark, which means we will hopefully only have five weeks from this Friday till that little boy is safely in our arms. Then our little family and lives change forever ♥


  1. It has FLOOOOWN BY! I can't believe that you are already 34 weeks and that we are almost to your due date month!!! ahhh I can't wait! My sister in law just had her #3 boy and she is, as my brother in law says, "losing her mind." hahahaha I think #3 is a juggling act, but it is totally doable. The beginning is challening, but I know you can do it! I hope you are having some helping hands right at the beginning!!

  2. Glad it's been going pretty well for you. October 21st is a great date - it's my birthday too.

  3. I am looking forward to meeting this little guy. He will certainly be a blessing!

  4. Yes the 21st is awesome. I hope you get that date. Nick is a nice name though. Good luck.