Mail Call!

I love getting packages in the mail. You can just feel the love. Even ones you paid for. It's true. This past week was extra special because we got two packages in the mail! You can imagine my giddiness.

Monday the first package arrived. This one was one we paid for, but like I said, still felt the love. 
We ordered our lovely Dell laptop from Costco- gotta love that place (though the online store and i had been fighting an ugly battle before the purchase went through). Oh, how I love our laptop. Besides the obvious convenience of having it downstairs instead of upstairs, I have a favorite part of our new device: cuddles in bed watching shows/Netflix (like the first season of Glee- awesome. makes me sad with how this season is going though...). LOVE this. So nice. Buuut I have to admit... I think I set a record with our new computer within hours of owning it. What record? Why, letting  a VIRUS on of course! A popup came up of how many viruses were on our computer (do you know how many years it's been since i've seen a popup? this one looked legit!) so of course I wanted them off my computer! And the "anti-virus" was the virus. Awesome. Needless to say, with help from my brother and Brad working on it, virus was eradicated the next day. I will probably be ruthlessly teased about this until I die.

Package #2 arrived a few days later and it was one sent from home. I was not allowed to know the details of the contents, and being the super insanely curious person I am, I think I was more excited for this package. 
I was/am so excited about this, I am listing the contents. Yes, I am a nerd.
1- new dress from the mama. love it
2- adorable purse my sister got me for waaaaay cheap at the flea market. can't wait to make this my diaper bag
3- FLATS! i brought these home with me in december and have missed them dearly since. i was secretly hoping i would find them and i DID
4- earrings i ordered from my sister. so stinkin' adorable. i got a pair of bunny ones that i am totally wearing for easter.
5- stickers! for james :) he looooooves stickers so i am excited for these to completely entertain him
6- spring band-aids. rach saw these for $1 at jo-ann's and decided i needed a box of them too. heck yes.
7- H&M sweater for my birthday. i love this store, but have never purchased anything from there. mainly because i go when i'm pregnant or they are revamping. not the best timing
8- cd's. story: a month or two ago, our cd's got stolen from our car. boo. it didn't bother me at first, but i kept thinking of all the sentimentally burned ones we had and it bummed me out (like our wedding ones, a few from my brother, one from my friend with all the Moulin Rouge songs, etc). so rach copied some of her music for me and i am oh so grateful. and happy. we're talking some dashboard, relient k, mae, jimmy eat world, all-american, soundtracks... loveliness. and i got a surprise birthday mix cd too. looooove it.

So thank you Costco and family for our packages. They were received with love and can't wait to get more.


  1. so glad you enjoyed your package. it was fun to put together. i think if i could i would put happy packages together for a living for other people. it just makes the world a better place.

  2. fun I love packages from home too.
    But Amy who has CD's? Why didn't you burn them to your computer years ago? And who steals CD's?

  3. i know- we are so behind the times!! hence the new computer- our desktop is 4 1/2 years old and it doesn't burn cd's. but you are so right- WHO STEALS CD'S??? i counted it in my head and i'm pretty sure out of aaalll the cd's, there may have been 5-10 real ones. lame.