Another Year

Another year has passed. I am now one year older... and I hope I am one year wiser. At least a teeeensy bit. This birthday marks a new era... I am now in my late 20's. Oh my goodness. Feels kinda odd, in a mostly good way. Moving on...

It was a great day. I hung out with James and Gav (who were awesome today- thanks, boys!), ran a few errands. Got to talk to a few friends here. Skyped with my family. Brad took the night "off" and I got to enjoy him. One of the best parts was going out to dinner, to this Indian place called Taste of India. So. Good. But we were in for a surprise because...
no kids!!
The restaurant was downtown, near UO, so we were going to pick Brad up after Gavin's nap and head straight there. I don't like burdening people and we can't afford baby-sitters, so kids come with us. I had just turned out of our complex when my friend called me. She said she'd watch the kids for me. Are you for real? She is seriously one of the sweetest persons I know. I quickly turned around and said I'll be there pronto. I felt guilty, but awesome all at the same time. We haven't been on a date, just Brad and I, since Gavin's been born. So 8 months? Yeah, waaaaay too long. I dropped them off, said my thanks, and headed to UO. I didn't tell Brad and the confused look on his face when I pulled up was great. Off we were to our food... with no kids!!
It was so nice just to be with him again. We just talked and talked. I love him. Anyways, our food was just so amazing and I was just so excited, I documented it. Yuuum. 
I got the Saag Lamb
and Brad got the Chicken Masala
and we got an order of garlic naan. my oh my delish
After dinner, we ventured to pick up the kids. Headed home for bath time and "toclate PIE" (James interpretation). I did NOT want to bake my own cake so I bought this Chocolate Creme Pie. Very good.
Then a few presents to open with family via Skype and off to bed for the boys. Next up... time. For ourselves. Which meant watching the episode of  "Parenthood" we missed last night. And now I am going to stop blogging and go get some cuddles with my Brad.


  1. Happy Birthday you! LOVE you. muchos. (that's alot in spanish.)

  2. Glad to hear you had a fun birthday plus a DATE! I know how you feel with trying to do those.

  3. So glad you got a birthday dinner with just your husband. And Indian food is the best. Happy 27th- the only thing different that I noticed about 27 is that if you get pregnant its much more painful on the body.

  4. I've never had Indian food before and after seeing pictures of it I'm not sure I want to! Glad you enjoyed your hubby/birthday. Welcome to the late 20's :)

  5. Such a fun birthday! Oh, and Kenneth and Yahida are due with a little girl in September/Octoberish :)