6 Months

Oh. My. Goodness. Little Gavin is now 6 months old. That is just another six months away from his first birthday (as if you can't do that math)! He is such a delight and at such a fun stage. Some things Gavin has been doing lately:
- he eats food! he started cereal a little before four months (loved it right away) and just started veggies this week. can't get enough and makes the cutest 'mmmmmm' sounds
- can sit up!... mostly. still falls over some but he is almost there
- is super strong. really. the doctor was amazed
- has been rolling from tummy to back for over a month now
- rolled over once from back to tummy. little stinker- trying to get him to do it more. he goes 90% all the time but noooo... can't follow through ;)
- is a chatter-box
- loves to stand
- loves his older brother. came downstairs this morning to hear him cracking up just watching james goof off. melts the heart
- shares a room with james now! yay! we are loving have our room all to ourselves again
Well, that ought to give you a little peek at our Gav. Seriously, we can't get enough of him. I'm so grateful for this stage where we can interact more. Going to get super fun!


  1. Such a cutie pie! Love his talkative nature! Just like his mommy and daddy! :)

  2. MAN! They are growing up way to fast! They are adorable though :D