I don't really post on here about food (i save food posts for this blog of mine), but I had to share what we had last night. It just was so... perfect. And easy. I have had a really sore throat for about a week or more... so my appetite has not been the best. But I'm better now! Food always taste better when you can't have it for a while. 

What did we have? B.L.A.C.'s... Bacon Lettuce Avocado Cucumber... a cousin of the B.L.T., if you will. I hate tomatoes. But I do love me some avocado and cucumbers- so they took the place of the ever disgusting tomato in this wonderful sandwich. Accompanied with a glass of root beer, this meal was golden.
Sigh... it was delicious.

Enough about food- I have loads to catch up on (or at least it feels like a lot) so hopefully I'll get some time this week to post about our trip to California and the holidays.

Oh, and since I am me, we have yet to send out our holiday cards. Go me! If you would like one, send me your address!  Maybe I should make a new year's resolution about procrastinating... 

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  1. We have yet to send cards this year too so don't feel bad. Those look yummy! Reminds me of the BLTA wrap from Red Robin - bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado. Mmmm - sorry I like tomato =D