Tis the Season for FREEBIES

I have a stubbornness issue I am admitting right now. Yup... surprise? ... I think not. Here is my story with this particular issue. I have this stubborn thing about not doing what every other person seems to be doing... no matter how cute or awesome... try not to be a big, obvious trend follower. A few weeks ago, I noticed a definite trend among bloggers: Shutterfly 50 free Christmas Cards to Bloggers. C'mon- one, that is too good to be true (which it isn't because it is true) and two, I bet there are hardly any to choose from and you are all going to have the same Christmas card. I finally swallowed my pride last week and actually clicked on the link of Shutterfly. Lo and behold, there is a ton to choose from, they are all adorable, and I find myself humbled :) I couldn't believe the selection: cute and playful to elegant and sophisticated to religious to you name it... you'll find something for you, for sure! Here are a few that  tickled my fancy:
Can you say adorable Christmas cards? I sure can
 And check out the wall calendars- hello, easy present to grandparents!
They even have birthday invitations- not going to lie, I'm excited to use these
You better believe I am taking advantage of this seasonal freebie... and will probably not be so stubborn next time :)


  1. Glad you aren't stubborn. I love Shutterfly!

  2. NICE! I do a calendar for my mom every year for Christmas and it's def. her favorite gift. SO WORTH IT!