The Big Move

Tomorrow is the big day... we are moving to Oregon! Brad went up last week with the moving truck and moved all our stuff in. He then stayed for 6 days, getting it all organized for me/us so I don't have to do too much work once we are up there. Yeah, I have an awesome hubby :) We are driving a little more than halfway and finishing the drive on Saturday- with a super high energy toddler and a nursing baby, we figured splitting the trip was the best way to go. We will be a tad MIA while we get situated and internet set up. We both cannot wait to start our life in Oregon! More to come... :)


  1. I don't blame you, Oregon really is a fantastic place to live!

    Congrats again on baby Gavin, and good luck on the drive!

  2. YAY! Trust me, from a person who has done maaaaaaaaaany long distance drives, it is POSSIBLE with a nursing baby. just take your time. No rush on getting there ya know? We could really only do max 8 hours each day. And trust me, at the end of 8 hours I was DONE myself!!

    Good luck! I am still a bit sad that we aren't going to Oregon! (well, sad to not see you...not sad of becoming a Duck!!)

    Good luck you guys. You are going to do GREAT!