Ok, so I usually try to avoid the mention of my birthday on here... well... because... I haven't really been a fan of my birthday since I hit 20. Pathetic, I know, but oh so true. But this year, being around a good amount of family, I found myself very excited for my birthday :) I haven't had my sister around for my birthday for four years, Brad was back at school last year while I stayed here, and my parents are around for it off and on. Plus my father and mother-in-law were able to come, too, which we loved. So my birthday was awesome!
The day was nice and low key. For dinner we went out to Red Robin- yum-o. It was good. I got the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger. One of my faves. 
 Rachel and me; My parents
Brad's parents; The three of us
 James went to town on the fries (of course). We always have ranch with ours and James now loves to dip his fries in it, too. Hey, if mommy does it, it must be good :) He did really well dipping till he got a little carried away and dumped his whole hand in it- oops. He then lost his ranch privileges for the evening.
We then headed home for cake and presents. Loved my presents. 
Stylin' headbands from the sis; Fablehaven #5 (a must read)
Brad's presents: photo album of all our years together and a gift cert. for a massage. I love my husband!
 After presents, of course, comes cake. Again, deliciousness. James approved of it, too :)
We looked online for ideas and came up with this on our own after being inspired by a few more complicated ones. My mom added chocolate pudding to the batter so it was extra moist. 
Then we made homemade whipping cream for the layers. 
Strawberry season is upon us, so they joined in on the fun. 
I loved it all. Definitely one of the best birthdays :)


  1. You look Gorgeous! Pregnancy is so good to you, girl! Happy Birthday! I know...I'll be 24 this summer and I'm like...blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh about it. But then I remind ryan that he'll be 28 in December :-) hahaha

  2. Glad you had an awesome birthday. Cute bangs and cute shirt! That cake looks too yummy. I'll have to remember the chocolate pudding idea.

  3. How fun! I love your bangs. Too cute.

  4. Oh my gosh, I need some of that cake...RIGHT NOW!!! Looks like an amazing b-day spent with all the right peps. Happy B-day from US!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday my dearest! I've been meaning to call you all this last week to wish you a Happy Day and I'm a terrible friend so I haven't! But I wanted you to know I still love you!! And I miss your face!!