Family Pictures

I think I need to be crowned Queen of Forgetfulness... because I'm losing my mind. I seriously feel like I am. But it's all good because it means I'm keeping busy while Brad is busy with school and work and that beats being bored.
I didn't realize until today that I never posted pictures we had taken at our family reunion- which was one month ago. Wow. I was really excited to get these done because we haven't had a nice family picture taken yet- and now we have one! I love them- our photographer, Megan, is so talented. Too bad she moved away from Rexburg or I'd definitely get some more use out of her!
To end the suspense, here are pictures taken in Driggs. We were going to drive somewhere, but the place we stayed at had such nice landscaping all the pictures were taken in the backyard or sideyard of the cabin we rented. Here you go!


  1. Wow, those pictures are beatiful!! Love them :)

  2. nice nice photos.. your son is soooo cute! Can't believe Brad could produce such a thing. lol

  3. Where can I buy your cute jeans. I love them! I am looking for some cute skinny jeans but you probably will look better in them than my hips aren't skinny.