Hanging with Family

Oh my word I think this is my last post about California! Took me long enough, I know.
Of course the most important thing we did in California was spend time with both of our families. James was able to finally meet all aunts, uncles, and cousins on Brad's side of the family. I got some dang cute pictures of some of the cousins holding him:
Here he is with MarissaBlake, James, and TannerTanner holding James. When his mom, Amy, was holding James he would follow her around touching James's feet. So adorable!James with Audrey, who we met for the first time. She is three months older than himOne extra special event occurred while in California: Brad and I had our first real date alone. Holy cow! It was so nice- missed him, but it was so nice. We went shopping at the mall in Modesto and went out to eat at BJ's. We were going to go to a movie, but there really was nothing good out. So we headed home after some more shopping in Modesto. My parents watched James while we were on our fabulous date and had fun taking some pictures:James had his first sink bath- kind of awkward, but very cute
And we just all enjoyed hanging out with each otherBrad had to leave on the 19th to get back to school the next day. I, on the other hand, stayed for an extra week. Brad has since informed me that I am not allowed to leave him for a week again- or at least, not for a while. :) Nice to feel loved.
What really sucked about him leaving early was that school started on my birthday- my 25th. Wow. So no birthday with Brad this year- but it was still a good bday. My mom took me shopping in Pleasanton and we ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Delish! We had decided to eat outside because it was so beautiful out but then regretted that in the end because the shadows moved and it was about 90 out by noon. Yuck. Plus the mall had barely turned their AC on so it was deathly hot in the mall as well. We headed home and my dad sort of surprised me by picking up a delicious asparagus pizza. Then we had some cake and that was my 25th birthday! Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad! I also celebrated my birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, and my father-in-law's birthday at my in-laws that Wednesday. Also another good celebration :)All in all, it was a wonderful vacation. Some people have asked me how James did on the flights (which I was freaking nervous for!) and I'll tell ya- he did awesome. I was especially nervous for my flight alone with him to SLC, but he was the best for that- prayers answered! Another bonus: I flew Southwest and everyone was so accomadating! The checker-in guy at the front desk automatically gave both my parents passes to accompany James and I to our gate so I didn't have to be by myself with him. Then the workers helped me get my stroller on the plane- so very nice. Good job, Southwest! This is James almost our whole flight to SLC:


  1. ... and good times were had by all! Thanks for visiting us and staying that extra week. I'm sorry for Brad but oh, so happy, for us!! :) We love you all.

  2. Parents are great, but even better when they become Grandparents. Its great you have both sets of Grandparents. I am glad southwest was so awesome. I had to fly home from Japan with both girls, by myself, and I didn't get to sit right next to them I had to be across the isle.

  3. I love that you post so many pictures. You all look like you had such a great time! Please come on down and visit us whenever you are tired of Rexburg!!

  4. that pizza looks goooood. glad we got to sneak a visit in there while you guys were here. it was fun to see james and audrey together. cute little cousins :)