Quick Trip

Brad and I ventured down to Utah this weekend for a very quick getaway and James's first trip away from home. Exciting! He did so well- was fussy at times, but all in all SUCH a good baby! We both have siblings down there who haven't met James yet, so we wanted them to meet him. Also my brother, Craig, and his wife, Angie, are expecting their little boy in a little over a month and we had some baby stuff to give them. I know how it is right before the baby comes- need everything to be ready!
Since my sister's birthday was on Friday, Saturday night us Dell kids went to Red Robin to celebrate it with her. It was so much fun to hang out with my brother and sister (though we did miss our other brother and his family)- we don't get to see them very often.
Craig, Angie, Rach, James, and BradCraig and AngieLittle James- always asleep for everything
Rachel, the birthday girl! It was sad- we couldn't get her birthday dessert because they give their delicious Mud Pie and because of the peanut butter issue these days, they had none to give.Brad and IThis is one of my favorite pictures- weird, I know. But here is the story: Rach was just taking a picture of me while eating. At this time, I was sampling Brad's Bonsai Burger, which has the pineapple on it. Well, apparently I wasn't eating it right and Brad looked over at me "ruining" the pineapple on the burger, hence the look on his face. He was just about ready to give me a berating for not eating his burger properly. Perfect picture :)James in his Sunday outfit- what a little man!
We absolutely loved seeing everyone and hope we can see them all soon. I really need to start taking more pictures when we are with people- I hate it when I forget! Next time, I will remember!


  1. That is a great picture of Brad & you! Classic face! Love James little sunday clothes!

  2. Fun times! I'm glad you got to see everyone and celebrate Rachel's birthday!

  3. hahahh your favorite picture is really cute! lol.

  4. cute little man. come visit us soon so we can meet him!