My Valentines!

Oh how I love Valentine's Day! Though this year was quite different- not just by having little James, but my body decided to let the cold I've been fighting become quite real. Oh the joys- and James has the same cold too.
I know how "girly" this holiday is, but I don't care. I wanted James to look cute and have a V-Day outfit. Part of the problem is our very poor selection of baby clothes up here in Idaho- I really don't get it. There are SO many babies here and hardly any selection. Anyhow, so my mom was able to get this hecka cute outfit in California and mail it to us- thank you!
Brad had to work, but he luckily got off a few hours early. He came home and surprised me with a small bouquet of stargazer lilies. They smell SO wonderful! I then needed to go to the grocery store for our special dinner, but had to wait since Brad decided to cut his hair when he got home. No worries, food will be there later. :) We went shopping and came home and I made chicken fried steak- super yummy. Brad even contributed by finishing it all by making the gravy since James decided to wake up from his oh so long nap and was quite hungry.Dinner was delish and I started on dessert. My mom gave me this idea and I feel I could have executed it better, but I'm still pleased with it. I got two heart-shaped cookie cutters from the local craft store, Porter's. Love them and I could NOT pass them up! I then just baked a cake in a cookie sheet and cut out some hearts and stacked them up. While we had dessert we watched Stardust- love that movie!Brad had one more surprise for me. He knows I really shouldn't be eating that much chocolate (I caved on the dessert, so sue me) so he picked up three bags of snack candy that has no chocolate in them so I can munch on those throughout the day instead of giving in to chocolate. I must say I was a bit baffled by his observations so brownie points for him!
All in all, a great Valentine's Day- and I was lucky enough to have TWO Valentine's! Now James and I just need to get better...


  1. Cuteness! James is adorable in that outfit!

    I'm glad Brad was thoughtful and got you candy/sweets that you can munch on! The flowers were nice too!

    Looks like you had a tasty dinner! Fun! And the cakes turned out cute also! Good job!

  2. I love love love JP's little outfit!

  3. yummy dinner and CAKE! happy vday ;)