The Geek and the Beast

Last night was our ward Halloween Party- lots of fun. Brad was really excited to finally be able to wear a costume for Halloween. And he really pulled his costume off... almost too well. This is us for Halloween:
Since I am not showing off my behind, you can't see the tail I was wearing and I had taken my furry mittens off- I was a lion (hence, the Beast reference).
Brad really had so much fun being a geek/nerd- totally got into character almost the whole night. I'll admit I was a tad embarrassed at times, but I really am happy that he enjoyed himself so much. He works so hard and doesn't get to play around all that often.
To see more pictures of the party, our ward blog will be posting pictures soon and our friend Christine posted some pics as well.


  1. Fun party! You both did a great job with the party and your costumes!

  2. The party really was great, thanks for putting it together!! You guys looked so cute. :)