Part of my Week

This weekend has been crazy fun busy!! My parents were here visiting us and my brother's family for the Fourth of July, and they stayed at our apartment. I'll be posting about that more later this week because I still need to load my many pictures onto my computer.
I have been pretty busy getting ready for my parents coming, but also... I have finally found a job! I am still training, but probably this week I will be set free on my own. I got a job at Artco, where I will be taking phone orders for wedding announcements. Artco is the big company that envelops several other companies. It is a full-time job, which is good but also not good. I wanted a part time job so I could still run errands and be able to rest during the day. But I will get paid more! I'm really excited to start and help with providing for the two-almost-three of us.
I had my second doctor's appointment this last Wednesday. I thought it was just going to blood work and exams, so I wasn't expecting it when they said they were going to try to hear the baby's heartbeat. I didn't get excited because I thought the 'big' moment for me was last appointment when we finally got to see the baby. I got my womanly exams done and got dressed and they had forgotten to try to hear the heartbeat. So I had to scooch my already-becoming-too-tight jeans down a bit to get the heart listener on my tummy. An almost-phD graduate had done my exams and was trying to listen to the heartbeat- all we could find was mine. She felt so bad, and I didn't get why. I didn't think it was a big deal if they couldn't find the heartbeat. She went to go get my doctor since he needed to see me anyways. He came in and said if they couldn't find it they would do an ultrasound... so I guess I was supposed to worry they didn't find it. He put the listener on my tummy and all of a sudden this fast little heartbeat noise was found! And surprises of surprises to me, I started crying. Not a lot, but just out of pure amazement and joy! I thought I was going to cry with our ultrasound, but I didn't and I was happy I didn't. I think why I cried was because I didn't realize that the 12-week appointment meant listening to the heartbeat and that they actually found it. It surprsied me that seeing and hearing your baby's existance are different- it was just amazing to hear this little itty-bitty body inside of me. Bad part- Brad didn't get to hear it because we didn't know this was an important appointment. He's sad and I feel bad, so hopefully at the next one he'll get his turn to hear it.
I'll have more of our oh so fun weekend later... I'm so glad I got a job and will not be a hermit anymore! I'll get out of my apartment and it'll be great. And I'm glad I got a job before my tummy became rather obvious of the pregnancy.


  1. Ok- go and buy the book- what to expect when you are expecting and you will have no more surprises. The big check up is five months when you get to find out what you are having. Good luck.

  2. hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

  3. katie- i do have that book! i must of forgotten about reading that part or skimmed over it... oops. i figured the ultrasound AND the five-month gender of your baby appointment were the big ones.

  4. YAY BABY!!!! It's amazing isn't it. Enjoy =)

    (and congrats on the job!)

  5. your job sounds fun. bummer brad missed the first heart beat...sounds like your feeling good, glad to hear it.

  6. What a fun weekend! And how fun for you to hear your little one's heart beat! It's such an amazing journey! Enjoy the ride, hon!
    Love, Mom