Bag Tag and other things...

My dear sister Rachel has bag tagged me. Now I had never heard of this before, so I hope I do the right thing. I will try to make it interesting. I'm supposed to show pictures of my purse/bag and the contents found within. Seeing as how today is Sunday, I had two bags. Therefore, you get to witness a bonus bag. First up, church bag (the right one). My sister got me this bag from the BYU bookstore and makes a fantastic church bag to hold all my things:
  • Ward bulletin- today was our first Sunday in our new ward. I'm really excited- it seems like a great ward. I have to say, it's really weird being here married as opposed to single.
  • Red notebook- I keep little random lists in here. You would be able to find all my many shopping lists in there. I am rather forgetful and if I don't write it down kind of doubtful I'll remember it. We have now gone to Wal-Mart 5 times.
  • Scriptures- essential
  • Hymn book- I had actually lost it at my parent's place until I started moving. It had snuck behind my bed and I found it! Joyous was the day.

My normal purse (striped one). Again, Rach bought it for me from the BYU bookstore. And I get tons of comments on how cute it is and it was like $5 (go Rach!):

  • Temporary driver's license- I refuse to get an Idaho driver's license and this was the year mine was up anyhow. So I quickly got my California license renewed and will keep it that way. I already have to give in to Idaho plates, don't make me give up my license!
  • Tissue- you never know when or who will need it.
  • Car and house keys- I have a little quetzcotl bird as my key chain from Guatemala. Brad picked it up while he was hanging down there and let me use it. So nice.
  • Check from sister-in-law- sorry I haven't cashed that yet. Still trying to locate my bank around here.
  • Orbit Melon Mint gum- YUM. Love this gum...
  • Bon Losee receipt for pedicures- have to keep a hold on this because the 'smarties' who work there owe me some money. I hate confrontation, but I need my money when they shouldn't have taken it. They gave my sister and I the spa treatment instead of a normal pedicure, and we didn't know the difference (first-timers) and we didn't ask for it. But they don't want to give me my money back when it was their fault in the first place.
  • Green wallet- I have finally graduated to a girl wallet. My friend Kristin was 'kind' enough to let me in on the fact that my old boy Quiksilver wallet just didn't suffice anymore.
  • Keys- I am helping Kristin out with her apartment while she is away for the summer. She shall be missed...
  • Peppermint lip gloss- thank you Julie for the birthday present last year. I enjoy it, as does Brad. Makes my lips all tingly!
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Grapefruit lip gloss- Got this wonderful thing when I worked there. Wish I could get more, but not worth it without a discount.
  • e.l.f. Pumping Lip Glaze- this is for when I need a little oomph! to my lips. Totally works. Why do I need three lip glosses? Because I never know what I'm in the mood for.
  • Hand sanitizer- I have basically turned into a sort of germaphobe this last year with being sick. This stuff keeps me sane.
  • Brent Skabelund Roofing pen- probably Brad's.
  • Blue gel pen- I like the way it writes.
  • Tampon- yeah, I'm not on my period (TMI, I know- sorry!), but whenever I decide to take the tampon OUT of my purse a poor girl always needs one! So basically I want to make sure if anyone needs it they will have one if they are around me.
  • Orbig gum wrappers- I said I liked the gum. I am a gum fiend.

There you have it! Exciting, I know. Now I have to tag others. Hmm... Katie, Sherrie, and Sheila you have been bag tagged! Ha-you can hate me now.

Onto more intersting events... we went over to my brother Sam's place today for cake and ice cream (it's my birthday) tonight. I didn't realize we would hang out so much with them- basically every day/night! But I'm sure it won't be as often anymore, seeing as how Sam and Brad both start school tomorrow. While we were over there, Brad was holding both nieces and Linzi let me borrow her camera to take these freaking cute pictures:

He needs to be a dad, I know. Funny thing (to me at least- you don't have to laugh) happened today after we got home from church. I changed from my church clothes to normal in our room, while Brad changed in the study room (our clothes are in different rooms- not trying to be modest). We came out and were talking and Brad goes, "So do I need to change now?" I thought he was talking about going to a church gathering that night. I'm like, "I sure hope not! I don't think anyone else would be dressed up." Then he says, "No (pointing to me and then him), our clothes." We hadn't noticed that we both chose the same color scheme, only opposite. Me- brown under shirt, blue sweater. Brad- blue under shirt, brown sweater. I decided to go change. Not the matchy-matchy sorta gal. Sure made a cute pic though!

And my apartment is SOOO close to being done! I promise some more posts of Idaho will be up soon!


  1. Congrats on getting all settled and moved in! And happy late birthday yesterday!

  2. You're so funny! I thought you guys looked stinkin cute!! And brad's adorable with the girls! Hey so were you brave and asked your neighbors what time church was? Or did you make Brad do it? :) Just wondering! Thanks for letting me hang out with you on saturday! I'm so glad you guys are closer now!!

  3. You have the cutest nieces! And Brad will be a daddy someday! He looks comfy that way! You are so funny... can't wear the same thing accidentally! LOL! I miss your silliness.

  4. I am glad you made it to Idaho safely. Maybe being around your nieces all the time will be an inspiration.

  5. hope you had a nice bday. i suppose i need to go find my purse now and take some pics...fun. hey at least it gives me something to post about. i'm all out of ideas.